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托福聽力常用短語 a back seat driver 專愛指點司機如何開車的乘客 a big bear hug 抱得很緊 a bit trying 有點苦惱 a cap and gown 畢業典禮的禮服 a cup of Java 一杯咖啡 a dead battery 汽車電瓶沒電了 a good shot 照相的取景很出色 a hangover from the old days 遺留下來的老習慣 a knockout 引人注目 a little too tight 緊了一點 a man of few words 沈默寡言的人 a popular moment 舞會中大家都來到了的時間 a rainy day 不如意的日子 a scorcher 一個大熱天 a steady 一個固定的異性朋友 a tall milk shake 一大杯奶昔 A toast everyone. 敬大家一杯酒. a two-year hitch in the army 兩年的兵役 a wet blanket 掃興的人 above board 光明正大的 absent-minded professor 無頭蒼蠅;做事心不在焉者 after all 畢竟 After while, crocodile. 一會見. after you 你先請 all along 始終;一貫 all at sea 茫然不知所措 all bark and no bite 只動口,不動手的人 all burnt up 怒火中燒 all dressed up 穿的很漂亮 all ears 全神貫注地聽;愕然 all for it 完全同意 all gone 消逝;丟失 all in 疲倦 all in a day's work, be 司空見慣 all in all 總而言之 all my eye 豈有此理;胡說八道 all out 全力以赴;全賣光了 all over 完了 all right 一點不錯 all set 準備好了 All set? Not yet. 都弄好了嗎?還沒呢. all the better 更好 all the same 雖然如此;並無分別 all the world and his wife 人人;諸色人等 all there 神志清醒的;沒有問題的 all thumbs 笨手笨腳的;一竅不通的 all turn out 如願以償 all woman 最標準的女性 all you have to do 你只要 always the case 常常如此 ambulance chaser 唯利是圖的低級律師 And how! 當然啦! ants in one's pants(skirt) 坐立不安 any way 究竟 anything under the sun 普天下任何事情 apeal to sb 對某人有吸引力 appeal to sb 取悅某人 apple-polish 逢迎;討好 apply for 申請 Are you all packed? 你行李收拾好了嗎? Are you done? 你吃飽了嗎? Are you kidding? 你在開玩笑吧? Are you telling me? 用你來告訴我嗎? Are you with me? 你懂我的意思嗎? as a rule 通常來說 as luck would have it 真走運或不走運 as mod as sb 與某人一樣時髦 as the saying goes 常言道 at first blush 乍看 at hand 近旁;在手旁 at issue 爭論中 at loose ends 無職業;不安定 at my expense 由我出錢 at odds 爭執 at one's finger's tips 了如指掌 at one's service 隨時提供服務 at one's wit's end 不知所措 at one's wits' end 志窮計盡 at sixes and sevens 混亂的 at stake 在危險中 at the drop of a hat 馬上 at times 有時;偶然 at your disposal 聽你的 aware of, be 瞭解 B.T.O. (big time operator) 遊手好閒的人 babes and suckings 天真而缺乏經驗者 baby-kisser 爲達到競選目的出盡八寶的政客 bachelor party 單身會 back and forth 來來去去 back at the farm 言歸正傳 back number 過期的雜誌;守舊派 back on one's feet 經受打擊後重新站起來 back out 食言 backseat driver 指手劃腳的人 bad egg(lot) 壞蛋 bag of bones 骨瘦如柴的人 bake down 臨陣退縮 barking up the wrong tree 攻擊錯了目標 barter away 以較便宜的價格出售 bawl out 責駡 Be a good sport! 不要婆婆媽媽的! be nuts 傻裏傻氣 be off 走吧;滾蛋 Be off! 滾開! be on the wagon 喝酒 bear in mind 牢記在心 beat around the bush 說話繞圈子 beat it 走開 beat one's brains (out) 傷透了腦筋 beat sb by miles 遠遠勝過 beat, be 太累了 beef about 抱怨 beef up 加強 before you are scheduled to leave 在你決定離開之時間前 Before you could say Jack Robinson 很快 before you know it 很快 behave yourself 請檢點一點 behind bars 坐牢 behind one's back 背後 behind the scenes(curtain) 在幕後 behind the times 不合時宜 behind time 誤期 believe it or not 信不信由你 benefit from 從中得到 best-seller 暢銷書、唱片等 bet it is 當然是 better half 老婆 better luck next time 下次好運些吧 better than, be 比...多;多於 between my ribs and my back bone 肚子 beyond one's reach of 超出支付能力 beyond sb, be 使某人無法理解 big bluffer 吹牛者 bite one's head off 大發脾氣 black and blue 遍體鱗傷 black sheep 不肖子女 blame sb for sth 爲某事責備某人 bleed white 花光血汗錢 blind alley 死胡同;失敗之路 blood in one's eye 極度憤怒 bloody fool (B.F.) 蠢材 blow hot and cold 喜怒無常 Blow it! 他媽的! blow off steam 發脾氣 blow one's own horn 自吹自擂 blow one's top 怒髮衝冠 blow up 表現失常;吹風 body and breeches 完全 boil down to 歸結起來是;其結果是 boiling point 愛情的沸點 bolt from the blue 晴天霹靂 bone up on 努力研讀 born with a silver spoon in one's mouth 出生富貴 born yesterday 乳臭未乾 bottoms up 乾杯 Bottoms up! 乾杯! brain storm 心血來潮 brand new 嶄新的 break down 故障;毀壞 break in 適合 break it off 吹了 break one's heart 使某人心碎 break one's neck 痛打一頓;拼命做某事 break the ice 打破僵局;打破沈默 break the routine 調劑一下 bred in the bone 天生的;個性的 bring back the good old days 回憶昔日好時光 bring down the house 掌聲雷動 bring me up-to-date 告訴我最新消息 bring sb to date 使某人掌握最先進東西 brotherly impulse 激動手足的情分 brush off (男女之間)甩;撇開 brush up on sth 復習,重新學習 buck up 振作起來 bull dog 難以相處的人 burn a hole in one's pocket 花錢如流水 burn one's bridges behind one 不留後路 burn one's fingers 碰釘子 burn the midnight oil 熬夜讀書 bury one's head in the sand 不敢面對現實 bury the hatchet 捐棄前嫌 Business is business. 公事公辦 busy-body 好管閒事和多嘴的人 buy things on time 分期付款買東西 buy your story 相信你的話 buying bargains 買廉價貨 by all means 務必 by and by 逐漸;慢慢地 by fair means or foul 不擇手段 By golly! (By Gum!) 天呀! by hook or by crook 不擇手段 by the look of you 從你的樣子看來 call back 再打電話 call it a day 今天到此爲止 call it off 取消 call off 取消 call one names 用污穢語言罵人 call the shots 發號施令;管事 call up 打電話 calling at this early hour 一大早就打電話 Can you stop by? 你能來嗎? can't afford to have 買不起 can't be helped 避免不了 can't be wrong 錯不了 can't get away with it 逃不掉 can't help it 愛莫能助 can't stand it any longer 再也無法忍受 Capital idea! 好主意! carry coals to Newcastle 多此一舉;徒勞無功 carry sth too far 做事超出限度 carry the torch 單相思 cast away 扔掉 cast down 沮喪 caste eyes at 注視;打主意 castle in the air 空中樓閣 catch on to 理解 catch one's breath 喘口氣 catch up on sth 補上某事 catch up with 迎頭趕上 caught red-handed, be 犯罪活動的當場被抓住 chain smoker 煙癮大的人 change hands 轉手 change my opinion of you 我對你的看法改變一下 cheap joints 下流地方 check out 辦清離開手續;借書;調查 check up on 校對 cheer up 振作;鼓勵 chew the rag 嘮叨不斷 chip in 集資;捐款 clean sweep 全勝 clean the house for sb 和某人算帳 clock watcher 盼望下班的人 close shave (close call) 千鈞一髮 coast is clear 沒有危險了 coin a neat phrase 話說得很恰當 cold fish 冷酷無情的人 Columbus discovered America 陳年舊事 come about 發生 come across 偶然遇見 come along with 隨同 come and get it 試試拿走它吧 come down with 病倒 come in 起作用;有份 come in handy 遲早有用 come into the world 出世 come off it 吹牛皮 come on 別這樣 come on 來吧!(提醒、催促) come on strong 非常積極的給人以好印象 come out right 事情進展順利 come out with 說出 come right over 這就來了 come through 交出;成功 come to naught 成爲泡影 come to terms 達成協定 come to the point 說話切題 come up with sth 想出某事 come what may 無論發生什麽事 contribute to sth 有助於 cook up a story 編出慌話騙人 cool off 冷卻下來 cooling my heels waiting for her 翹首以待 crash the gate 不請自來的客人 crazy like a fox 裝瘋;裝模作樣 cross my heart 感發誓;不騙人 cross the bridge when one comes to it 既來之則安之 cross with, be 不高興 cry quits 放棄;承認失敗 cry wolf 狼來了;發出假警報 cup of tea 喜歡而又會做之事 cut corners 超近路;以簡捷方式做事 cut down on 削減 cut it out 夠了!算了 cut of the woods 脫離危險期 cut out 戒掉壞習慣 cut sb down to size 揭穿某人的底細 cut sb off 把電話挂斷. cut sth out 阻止;停止;故障;占上風 cut throat 害人的 cut-and-dried 事先準備好的;枯燥無味的 dark horse 黑馬;冷門 darn it 真討厭 dating yourself before your time 老气橫秋 day in and day out 夜以繼日 day off 放假日 day-dream 白日夢 daylight robbery 價錢貴到離譜 days are numbered 生存時日屈指可數 dead beat(tired) 爛醉如泥 dead dog 沒用的人 dead easy 易如反掌 dead serious 認真得不得了 dead sure(certain) 極之肯定 dead to the world 睡得很香 dear Jone letter 絕交信 deep southern drawl 拉長語調的南方口音 definte word 確定的消息 deliver the goods 完成工作 Did you fall heir to a gold mine? 你是否遇見了金礦的小老闆? die with one's boots on 死在工作崗位上 die-hard 冥頑不靈 dilly-dally 吊兒浪當 dine out 出外吃飯 dirty dog 卑鄙小人 discuss sth over a coke 邊喝可樂邊談某事 dish water 毫無味道 distance makes the heart grow fonder 時間會使感情加深 do a little sightseeing 逛逛 do all the talking 會議上只有一個人講話 do my own laundry 自己(用洗衣機)洗衣服 do one good 對某人有好處 do over 重做;粉刷 do sth about it 想想辦法 Do you get me? 明白嗎? doesn't count 不算 doesn't make sense 不合邏輯 dog's life 悲慘的生活 Don't be silly! 別傻啦! Don't be such a baby! 不要那樣孩子氣 Don't mention it. 別客氣,不算什麽. Don't tease me. 別開玩笑了. Don't think I'll have much use for that. 這對我沒有多大用處. Don't you feel guilty? 你不覺得罪過嗎? Don't you know that yet? 你還不知道嗎? done time 老資格(貶義) double crosser 出賣朋友的人 down in the dumps 愁眉苦臉 down in the mouth 愁眉苦臉 down on one's luck 倒楣 down payment 分期付款的定金 Down the hatch! 乾杯! drag sb through the mud 拖人下水 draw on 依照;依據 draw up 草擬;準備 drooling around her all the time 一直對她垂涎三尺 drop by 順道拜訪 drop dead 去你的 drop in on sb 拜訪某人 drop it 停止吧 drop it off 把它放到... drop me a line 寫信給我 drop out 退學 drop sb a line 給某人寫信 drop sb off 讓某人下車 drop the ball 犯錯誤 duck soup 易如反掌之事 dull book 沈悶的書 dumb bell 笨蛋 dumb Dora 傻女 Dump her! 甩掉她! dwell on 考慮;不斷地說 early bird 集會早到的人 easier said than done 說來容易做時難 easy come easy go 來得容易去得快(特指錢) Easy does it -- when you can. 慢慢來,盡力而爲. eat one's hat 趕打賭,非常確定 eat one's head off 食量驚人 eat one's heart out 傷心異常,因此消瘦 eat one's words 承認錯誤 eat out 出外吃飯 egg money 私房錢 egghead 書呆子 either make or break 不成功,便成人 eleventh hour 最後關頭 end up 結束 enough of it 夠了,停止吧 enough to wake the dead 震耳欲聾 Every cloud has a silver lining. 黑雲過後,陽光燦爛 every dog has his day 瓦片也有翻身時 every now and then 不時地;有時 every once in a while 偶爾 every so often 偶然 every Tom, Dick and Harry 張三李四 everyone is for himself 自己顧自己 everything goes to the dogs 一切都完了 face the music 接收懲罰;面對困難 faculty and staff 教職員 faculty members 教職員 fair and square 忠誠與坦白 fair-weather friend 酒肉朋友 fall behind 落後;失利 fall for look 女人愛漂亮 fall out with 爭吵 fall through 失敗;毀滅 family man 有家室之人 far from, be 遠不是 fast one 一搭就上的(男人或女人) Fat chance! 不太可能的事! fat hangovers 好厲害的醉後頭疼 fat-head 人頭豬腦 favorite son 被自己一州擁護的候選人 fed sb a big line 對某人說了個大謊. fed up (with) 對某事厭倦 fed up with, be 感到厭倦 feel free 隨便... feel like 很想要 feel up to 能勝任 feeling in the pink 覺得愉快 feminine type 女人氣質的 few and far between 難能可貴 fifty-fifty 五五支付 fight it out 據理力爭;武力解決 figure out 考慮出;想出 fill in for 代替 fill out 填表 find a sugar daddy 找到一個有錢的老頭子 find a way out 找出一條出路 fire sale 減價出售 first in line 隊伍中排第一名 fish in troubled waters 混水摸魚;趁火打劫 fish story 荒唐無比的故事 fix up 修理 flat tire 沒精打采 flicker out 過去了 fly by 飛逝 fly off the handle 平時有教養的人突然失去常態 fold up 破産 following sb's footsteps 效法;繼承 fool around with 與不三不四的人鬼混 fooling around 閒逛 for all I know 據我所知 for good 永遠地 for good and all 永遠 for nothing 免費 for one thing (插入語)但是 for sale 出售 for the love of Mike 夢想不到 for the time being 暫時;目前 forget it 沒關係 Forget it. 算了. four-letter words 罵人語;四字真言 frame up 栽贓陷害 free hand 全權處理 frightened to death 嚇死了 from A to Z 從頭到尾 from scratch 從頭開始 from the look of sb 從某人的外表看來 full charge of 全權負責 full of bull 胡言亂語 full to the brim (吃得)滿到喉頭 fuss over 焦慮 gain weight 長胖了 get a big kick 玩得很開心 get a check cashed 支票兌現 get a move on! 快點! get a nerve 膽子大 get across 說明;達成;克服 get all in a panic 驚恐 get all up tight 緊張到極點 get along with 相處融洽 get around 有辦法應付局面 get away with 成功;逃避懲罰 get behind 支援 get cold feet 沮喪;臨陣退縮 get cracking 快點! get down to 開始處理 get down to business 辦正經事 get even 報復 get going 開始;動手;趕快 get hooked on sth 被某事迷住了 get in touch with 和...聯絡 get it over with 趕快把事情做妥當 get lost 迷失 get mad at 對某人生氣 get me down 令我生氣 get nothing on me 尚未找到證據 get nowhere 一事無成 get off on the wrong foot 開始就亂了步驟 get off the ground 進行順利;剛開始 get on the ball 機靈些;敏捷些 get one wrong 誤會某人 get one's goat 故意爲難 get out of the bed on the wrong side 脾氣好的人突然變得難以相處 get over 完成;復原;超越 get pinched 失手;落網 get rid of 幹掉;擺脫 get rolling 開始;動手 get rusty 技術、頭腦等生疏 get sb by the neck 捉住 get somewhere 有所成就 get sth off one's chest 把心中的話講出來 get sth straight 辦好;搞通;瞭解 get stuck 抛錨;進入僵局 get the bulge on 佔優勢;勝過;欺詐 get the drop on 先發制人 get the green light 得到...許可 get the picture 明白某種情形 get the sack 被解雇 get through 到達;辦完;通過;花光 get through to 使理解;打通電話 get together again 破鏡重圓 get up the courage 鼓起勇氣 get what's coming to one 咎由自取 get wise to 瞭解;明白 get with it 快點! girl of the old school 守舊的女性 give a lift 讓...搭車 give away 泄露;贈送 give credit for sb 歸功於某人 give him the dose of his own medicine 以其人之道還治其人之身 give it a try 償一償吧 give it to one straight 坦白地告訴某人 give me a minute 請等一等 give me headache 令我頭痛 give one the air 一刀兩斷 give one the ax 開除 give one the brush 對人冷淡;把人抛棄 give one the eye 眉目傳情 give other one's word 向人保證 give sb a black eye 打某人一頓 give sb a break 給某人一個改過的機會 give sb a buzz 打電話給某人 give sb a dirty look 對某人瞪一眼 give sb a free hand 放手讓某人幹一件事 give sb a lift 讓某人搭車 give sb a piece of one's mind 罵某人一頓 give sb a ride 讓某人搭車 give sb a ring 打電話給... give sb enough rope 讓某人自食其果 give sb hell 冷嘲熱諷 give sb some of his own medicine 以其人之道還治其人之身 give sb the cold shoulder 冷淡對待 give sb the go-by 對某人的存在熟視無睹 give sb the green light 允許 give sth away for nothing 不是白送的 give up 放棄 glad eye 抛媚眼 go a long way 有用 go about 從事 go ahead 說吧 go all out doing sth 竭盡全力 go around with a chip on one's shoulder 到處尋釁 go at it 努力奮鬥 go broke 破産 go down 下降;被記錄下來 go down the drain 前功盡棄;白費心機 go downhill 每況愈下 go Dutch 各自付帳 go easy 節省一點;少用一些 go fly a kite 滾開 go for 努力求得;想要 go get them 動手吧 go into 深入討論 go on 繼續;接近 go on a bender 喝酒喧嘩 go on the horse 快一點吧 go over 研究;檢查 go steady 確定戀愛關係 go through 細查;經歷 go through with 完成 go to pieces 破成碎片 go up in the air 怒火沖天 go with everything 與任何東西都相配 go-between 中間人;嫁人 God knows. 天曉得. God, what's the world comming to? 天哪,這世界變成什麽樣子? gold brick 偷懶的人 gold digger 掘金女郎 gone with the wind 隨風而逝 good buy 價廉物美的東西 good for nothing 毫無用處的 good to the last drop 滴滴香濃 good turn 好意 goof off 逃學;不盡職 got it? 明白了嗎? Got you. 照片拍好了. Great minds think alike! 英雄所見略同. hand in 交出;提出 hand out 分發;分配 hands are full 很忙 hands are tied 權利有限,不能隨意行動 hang around 常常光顧一個地方 Hang it all! 豈有此理 hang on to it 繼續下去 hang on to sth 繼續使用某物 hang up 挂斷電話 happy go lucky 樂天派 hard nut to crack 難以對付的女人 hard of hearing 稍聾的人 hard on sb, be 對某人嚴厲 hard to say 很難說 Hard to tell. 很難說. hard up 拮据 hard-boiled egg 難相處的人;利害的傢夥 hard-hearted businessman 斤斤計較的人 have a ball 玩得非常開心 have a big mouth 話多的人 have a bite 咬一口 have a bone to pick with sb 算帳 have a good ear(eye) for 對...有鑒賞力 Have a good time. 好好玩. Have a good time. 好好玩吧. have a head on one's shoulders 有智慧 have a heart 可憐我吧 Have a nice trip. 一路順風 have a screw loose 精神有問題 Have a seat. 請坐. have a surprise for sb 告訴某人一個好消息 have a swelled head 自大 Have fun. 玩得開心. have good taste 有眼光 have had it 無法忍受 have it both ways 權衡兩方面 have it out with 攤牌 have no leg to stand on 無法證明 have one's hair set 做頭髮 have one's own way 隨心所欲 have some 吃一點吧 have sth on sb 抓住某人的把柄 have the face to do sth 居然有臉做某事 have time off 休假 have words with sb 口角 Have you had enough? 你吃飽了嗎? have(keep) the run of 自由使用 haven't the slightest idea 毫不知道 having a sale 廉售 He cleaned us out. 他拿走了我們的所有東西. head and shoulder above sb, be 比某人好 head over heels 完全 heavy date 重要的約會. help out 幫助解決問題 help yourself 請自便 her cup of tea 很配她,很合她的口味 Here it is. 這就是,在這裏 His bark is worse than his bite. 刀子嘴,豆腐心 his lettle broad 他的女朋友 hit it hard 盡了最大努力 hit it off 相處 hit of the show 表演中最精采的一幕 hit on(upon) 突然想到;巧遇 hit the ball 順利 hit the ceiling(roof) 勃然大怒 hit the high spots 達到高水準 hit the sack 睡覺 hold back 退縮 hold good 有效 hold in the balance 尚未決定 hold it 且慢 hold one's horses 忍耐 hold one's tongue 保持沈默 hold out 堅持到底 hold the line 請勿收線 hold up 舉起;支撐;阻擋 hold water 經得起考驗的;合乎邏輯的 hook up 接洽妥當 Hop in. 上車. Hope it doesn't cost much. 希望價格不貴. hors d'oeuvres 飯前點心 hot air 毫無根據的謊言;大話 How am I doing? 你看我做的怎麽樣? How are you making out? 進展怎樣? how come 爲什麽 How come? 爲什麽 How did it come out? 結果如何? How did it go? 結果如何? How did you make out? 你進展如何? How did you swing it? 你怎麽對付這件事? How do I look? 我好看嗎? How does that sound? 如何?好嗎? How goes the enemy? 幾點了? How is that with you? 意下如何? how on earth 鬼知道;怎麽會 how the heck 怎麽會 How's that? 怎麽樣? hung one on 大醉 I bet you are right. 我同意你的說法. I can never thank you enough. 我不知道該怎樣多謝你. I can't afford to lose... 我丟不起... I can't believe my eye. 我簡直不敢相信你的眼睛. I don't buy your story. 我不相信你的話. I don't care. 我不在乎. I don't have a slightest idea. 我一點也不知道. I don't want to be in your shoes. 我不要象你那樣. I feel the call of nature 內急;急於上廁所 I get them mixed up. 我把它們搞亂了. I give you my word. 我向你保證. I have no idea. 我簡直一無所知. I haven't got the foggiest. 我一點也摸不著頭腦. I know what I'm doing. 我知道該怎樣做. I like the way you have. 照你原來的樣子就好了. I lost you. 我不瞭解你的意思. I love her something fierce. 我愛她愛得要命. I may be psychic. 可能是第六感作用. I mean what I say. 我說的是實話. I must be in love. 我一定是在談戀愛了. I was behind my paper correcting. 把改卷子的事耽誤了. I was fooled by the terms. 我被這些名詞搞糊塗了. I was starved to death. 我餓死了. I won't take no for an answer. 你非答應不可. I would appreciate it. 我非常感謝. I'd enjoy the company. 我很高興有個伴. I'll be right over. 我馬上就來. I'll be right with you. 我馬上就來. I'll bet... 我敢打賭 I'll give it to you strait. 我坦白對你說吧. I'll go a couple of rounds with you. 我和你過幾招. I'll have him call you. 我會叫他打電話給你. I'll heed your words. 我會考慮你的話. I'll say. 英雄所見略同 I'll see to it. 我會留意這件事的. I'll see you home. 我送你回家吧. I'll take a chance. 我要試試看. I'll take a raincheck on that. 遲些再談吧. I'll tell you what. 我有一個主意. I'm afraid you got the wrong number. 恐怕你弄錯了電話號碼. I'm all for it. 我全力支援. I'm beat. 我很累 I'm completely in your hands. 由你作主. I'm full. 我吃飽了. I'm getting so big. (孕婦)我肚子越來越大了. I'm hanged... 我保證沒有... I'm not broke. 我不是一個錢沒有. I'm not myself today. 今天我不太舒服. I'm still in shock. 我還在興奮. I'm stuffed. 我吃得好飽. I'm the suave type. 我是書生型的. I've got to run. 我該走了. I've thrown in my hat, can the body follow? 我可以進來嗎? I-love-me fellow 自命不凡的人 I.O.U 我欠你;借據 (I owe you) if it's all right with you 如果你覺得方便的話... immediate family 自己人 in a jam 遇到困難;事情搞得一團糟 in a jiffy 一會,馬上 in a lousy mood 心情很壞 in a nutshell 總而言之 in a whole skin 平安地 in at one ear and out at the other 左耳入,右耳出 in charge of 負責管理 in due time 適時;終於 in fashion 流行 in for a treat, be 請欣賞... in good condition 情況良好 in good shape 精神或身體狀態好 in hot water 遇到麻煩 in line 排隊 in no time 隨時;立即 in one's line 專長 in short 簡單地說 in short order 迅速地 in spite of oneself 不由自主 in that get up 穿那樣的服裝 in the dark 全然不知 in the eyes of sb 在某人的觀點中 in the hole 遇到經濟困難 in the long run 從長遠來看;終究 in the offering 就在眼前 in the pen 被困在監獄裏 in the pink 精神或身體狀態好 in the roar 轟笑著 in the soap 遇到麻煩 in turn 進而 in(on) behalf of 代表 ineligible for, be 不被錄取的 inferiority complex 自卑感 information bureau 萬事通 innocent kid 清白無辜的人 inside dope 內幕消息 installment plan 分期付款 intensive course 精讀課程 Is Frank in, please? Frank在家嗎? Is my face red? 問心有愧 Is that so? 是這樣嗎? Is this seat taken? 這座位有沒有人? Isn't it ever? 我同意你的說法. Isn't it though? 我同意你的說法. Isn't my word good enough? 我的話你也信不過嗎? It cost me a small fortune. 花了一筆小錢. It isn't cricket. 不公平;不合理 It makes me sick. 我受不了. It never rains but it pours. 禍不單行 it pays to do sth 值得做某事 It sounds inviting. 聽起來很吸引人. It was your fault. 那是你的錯. It will be just the thing. 剛好合適. It would really come in handy. 它實在方便. It's a piece of cake. 真是小菜一碟 It's about time you start thinking ahead 你該想想做些什麽了. It's been reserved. 這張桌子已經有人定了. It's Greek to me. 對我猶如天書;我莫名其妙 it's high time 是...的時候了 It's nice you survived. 很高興你還活著. It's none of your business. 這不關你的事. It's on me. 由我出錢 it's only to find out 只不過想打聽一下 Jack of all trades 似乎什麽都懂的人 jolly dog(guy) 樂天派 jump on sb 向某人亂發脾氣 jump the battery 充電 jumping the gun 迫不及待 just a minute 等一等;就來了;且慢 just as well 不如做某事也可 Just as you say. 好吧,隨你的便 just follow suit 照辦;跟進去 just for the fun of it 只不過好奇罷了 just the ticket, be 正是所需的 just too bad 太可惜;真糟糕 just what the doctor ordered 正合我的心意 keep a running account of 把教授在課堂講的內容都記下來 keep a straight face 忍住不笑出來 keep an eye on 留意 keep an eye on sth 密切注意 keep body and soul together 繼續活下去 keep company 陪伴 keep in touch with 聯繫 keep it to yourself 保密 keep it under your hat 保密 keep my fingers crossed 交叉手指,乞求某事成功 keep one's head 鎮定 keep one's head above water 活下去 keep one's nose to the grand stone 孜孜工作 keep one's shirt on 不動手打架 keep pace with 保持同步 keep punching 繼續努力 keep sb at arm's length 疏遠;保持距離 keep track (of) 登記;記錄 keep track of one's attendance 留意某人的出勤 keep track of time 記住時間 kick downstairs 被撤職 kick off 開始幹某事 kick sb upstairs 明升暗降 kick the bucket 死了 kidding around 老開玩笑 kill time 消磨時間 kill time 消磨時間 kill two birds with one stone 一石二鳥 killing one 笑死某人;痛死某人 knock it off 別再講下去了 Knock on wood. 說話禁忌,趕緊討個吉利. knock one flat 把某人打倒在地 knock oneself out 精疲力盡 knock their eyes out 漂亮得使他們目瞪口呆 know one's onions 精通某事 know one's way around 熟悉道路 know-it-all 似乎樣樣事都知道的人 lady-killer 引誘女人的男子 laid eyes on 見過 last final 期末考試的最後一天 last minute rush 最後一分鐘的匆忙 last word 最新成就 laughing matter 無關緊要的事 lay aside 儲蓄 learn a lesson 受到教訓 leave it at that 暫時停止爭論 leave it to me 交給我辦吧 leave me alone 不要打擾我 leave much to be desired 大有改進必要 leave out 忽略;遺漏 leave sth up to sb 讓某人決定某事 leave the lights on 不息燈 let bygones be bygones 過去的事就讓它過去吧 let down 使失望;放低;失信;出賣 let go of me 放開我 Let me put it this way. 讓我這麽講吧. let nature take its course 順其自然 let off 下車;開槍;釋放 let the cat out of the bag 泄漏秘密 Let's be on our way. 我們走吧. Let's change the subject. 不要再說這個了. Let's take a break. 我們休息一下吧! Life is short, don't drag your feet. 人生短暫,得盡歡時就盡歡. life of the party 聚會的核心人物 like a cat on hot bricks 熱鍋上的螞蟻 Like a letter from home. 好極了,象接到家書一樣. like a turtle on its back 對事情束手無策 like a veteran 象個老手 like ducks to water 如魚得水 Like father, like son. 有其父必有其子 little or nothing 只差一點點 live a dog's life 過著牛馬不如的生活 live by oneself 獨居 live up to one's words 履行諾言 loafing around 遊手好閒 lone wolf 獨自一人 long stories 說謊;吹牛皮 Long time no see. 好久不見 look before you leap 三思而後行 look for a needle in a key stack 大海撈針 look for trouble 自討苦吃 look here 聽我說 look into 調查 look out 當心 look over 快速檢查 look up 探望;漲價;形勢好轉;查字典 look up to sb 尊敬某人 Look who you're talking to. 看清楚你是在對什麽人說話. looking forward to, be 期待 lose one's nerve 緊張,沒勇氣 lose one's shirt. 輸得精光 lose track of the days 把時間搞糊塗了 lose track of time 弄亂時間 lost count 弄不清楚 lost one's nerve 失去勇氣 lost one's temper 發脾氣 lost weight 瘦了 loudmouth 多嘴的人 lousy cliches 陳詞濫調 lousy things 討厭的事;卑鄙下流的事 lucky dog 幸運兒 make a day of it 做(玩)了一整天 make a fool of oneself 大出洋相 make a fortune 發財 make a fuss 小題大做;使倍受注目;吹捧某人 make a go of 成功地打倒某種目標 make a hit 出風頭 make a memo 記錄下來 make a mountain out of a nolehill 小題大做;言過其實 make a new man of you 把你打扮得很體面 make a pass at sb 向某女士展開追求 make a point of 強調 make a point of doing sth 決心(或堅持)做某事 make a scene 因吵架引起圍觀 make an effort 努力 make big money 賺大錢 make both ends meet 使收支平衡 make ends meet 收支相抵 make eyes at 大送秋波 make for 走向 make good 成功;旅行諾言;彌補 make it 在面試、考試、比賽等獲得成功 make it a point 對某事特別注意 make it hot for sb 採用敵視態度使某人呆不下去 make it snappy 快點幹;乾脆點 make no bones 毫不畏懼地說 make one's blood boil 使人異常憤怒 make one's way 讓步;成功 make out 理解;分辨 make sense (out) of 弄懂 make sport of 嘲笑 make trouble 惹事生非 make up for 補償 make up to 討好 Make yourself at home. 別拘束;隨便點. make-up examination 補考 Makes my mouth water. 使我垂涎 man of his word 說到做到的人 man of mark 名聲顯赫的人 mark my words 聽我說;記住我的話 Mason-Dixon Line 美國南北分界線 master key 萬能鑰匙;關鍵 May I have your attention, please? 請注意. May I take a message? 要不要我替你留話? May West 救生衣 mean business 不是開玩笑 mean to say 你是說... meet each other half way 將就著 might as well 也可以 mind one's P's and Q's 注意禮貌(polite, thank you) mind your own business 不要管閒事 misfortune never comes singly 禍不單行 miss the bus 坐失良機 money making proposition 生意經 money talks 金錢萬能 monkey around 搗蛋鬼 more sober moments 認真,規矩的片刻 morning after 宿醉 movie bug 電影迷 much of a 了不起的;稱得上...的 mud in your eye 祝你好運 My budget is tight. 我預算很緊. my chick 我的女朋友 My eye! 天哪! My foot! ...個屁! my kindom for 我非常想要(願以王位換取) My stomach was upset. 我胃痛. My word! 驚奇中略帶不滿的感歎詞 nasty about it 對某事態度不好 neck and neck 不分上下 need other's shoulder 希望得到某人的安慰 never can tell 很難預測 never heard of 從來沒聽說過 Never on your life 你休想 new flame 新情人 nice about it 對某事態度甚好 Nice going. 幹得好 nip in the bud 防患未然 No bull? 不是說大話吧? No damage done. 沒關係. no end in sight 長期 no go 不成功 no hard feeling 請勿見怪 no kidding 別開玩笑 No money, no honey. 沒有錢,哪有愛情 no offense 請勿見怪 no picnic 不容易 no post-mortem 既往不咎 no sweat 沒問題;不用冒汗 No time like the present. 現在正好. no use crying over spilt milk 傷心無補於實際 no way 不可能 nominate sb for sth 推選某人做某事 none of your business 不關你的事 nose to the grindstone 用功讀書 not a bit 一點也不 not a damn thing 什麽也沒有 not a word to anyone 保守秘密 not at all 不要緊 not bad 不錯 not being oneself 不太舒服;身體病態 not make head or tail of 完全不懂 not much of anything 什麽也不行 not on your life 你休想 not really 不完全是 not so hot 極好的 not that I can think of 想不起了 not that I know 這個我就不知道了 not the slightest 一點也不知道 nothing doing 不行 Nothing matters to me. 我什麽都無所謂 nothing to do with 與無關 Now you're taking. 說得對! number one job 大便 odds and ends 零碎的工作 off color 身體不爽 off the track 離題 offhand 毫無準備;即席 Oh yeah? 真的嗎? old flame 情焰 old hand 老手 old lady 女朋友 old lady, old man 對父母的昵稱 old screw 老守財奴 old story 老套的說法 old timer 老資格 on and off 斷斷續續 on and on 不斷地 on cloud nine 非常高興 on one's last legs 生命即將結束 on one's own 自食其力 on pins and needles 如坐針氈 on reserve, be 保留;保存 on sale 折價;減價;廉價特賣 on short notice 一接到通知就... on some days in certain weeks 在某幾個星期的某幾天裏 on the blink 身體不爽;性能不佳 on the carpet 訓斥 on the dot 準時 on the level 老實;忠誠 on the nail 立即 on the nose 準確地 on the q.t. 悄悄的;暗中(quiet) on the right track 做對了;走上正路了 on the rocks 在岩石上 on the score of 因爲 on the side 兼職 on the wagon 戒酒 on the wane 逐漸衰落 on top of the world 精神飽滿 once in a blue moon 機會難得;絕無僅有 once in a while 偶爾 one and for all 斷然;僅此一次 one foot in the grave 離死不遠了 one way or the other 總要有一個辦法 open an account 開銀行戶頭 out in the cold 受冷落 out of line 錯誤得越出常規 out of my line 外行 out of one's mind, be 發瘋 out of order 壞了 out of question 無疑的 out of season 不合時宜的 out of sight, out of mind 看不見了,也漸漸忘了 out of sth, be 脫銷 out of the question 不可能 out of the way 偏僻的;罕見的 out of the world 只應天上有 out of this world 只應天上有 own boss 不再受雇於人了 P.A. (paper ass) 沒頭腦的人 packed like sardines 擁擠得象沙丁魚罐頭一樣 packed snow 路上被踩過的雪 paddle one's own canoe 獨自闖出自己的前途 pain in the neck 極討厭的人或物 paint the town red 瘋狂地慶祝 particular about food 對食物很講究 pass away 過世 pass out 昏倒;分發 pass over 忽略 past master 技藝精湛的人 pay down (分期付款)付頭款 pay one's own way 各自付費 pay the price 付出代價;得到報應 Penny for your thoughts. 告訴我你想什麽 perhaps some other day 改天吧. Perish the thought! 打消這念頭! person after my own heart 他人的作爲符合我的心意 pick holes 挑毛病 pick sb out 看中某人 pick up 一點點學習 pick-me-up 喝酒、湯等刺激一下神經 pipe course 容易的課程或工作 pipe down 安靜些 plain home cooking 家常便飯 plain sailing 一帆風順;輕而易舉之事 play ball with 與...合作 play it straight 誠實 play truant 逃學 plenty of fish in the sea 比喻多得很 plug along 爲生活而拼命工作 poorly off 窮困潦倒 pot calling the kettle black 五十步笑百步 pour oil on troubled waters 平息事態 prices are soaring 物價飛漲 pull a long face 拉長臉不悅 pull a long oar 獨自去作 pull no punches 不客氣,動真格的 pull off 成功;完成 pull one's leg 開某人的玩笑 pull oneself together 恢復鎮定 pull through 克服困難;恢復健康 push one's luck 在已有利情況下做多餘冒險 put an end to 結束 put aside 儲蓄 put heads together 一起商討問題 put heat on 對某人要求嚴厲 put it on the cuff 賒帳 put it this way 這樣說;這樣做 put off 延期 put on a show 假裝給人家看 put on weight 胖了 put one out of the way 殺某人 put one's foot down 堅決反對 put one's foot in it 說錯話 put one's foot in one's mouth 說錯話 put one's heart and soul in sth 全心全意做某事 put sb in charge of 讓某人負責某事 put sb in the ring 和某人賽一場 put that in one's pipe and smoke it 威脅別人好好想清楚 put through 接通電話;做妥一件工作 put up 舉起;住宿 put up a good show 好好表現自己 put up with 忍受 put your best foot forward 儘量使你的儀容整潔 quality work 細活兒 queer(strange) fish 怪人 quit smocking 戒煙 quite all right 沒關係 rain or shine 不論晴雨 rainy day 貧苦困難的日子 raise hell 破口大駡 raise the roof 變得異常憤怒 really something 了不起 red tape 官樣文章 red tape 繁文縟節 reflect on 回憶 regular guy 好人,靠得住的人 released from, be 被釋放;解脫 remember sb to another 代某人問候別人 right down one's alley 正好是某人所精通的 right or wrong 無論如何 right-hand man 得力的助手 ring a bell with sb 使某人回憶起某事 road hog 駕車亂搶路的人 rock the boat 破壞別人的計劃;使遇到危險 roll out the red carpet 鋪上紅色地毯 rotten to the core 腐爛透頂 rough hours 讀書時的艱苦生活 rough sb up 對某人粗鹵 round-about way 採用間接的方法 row in one boat 從事相同事業;相同命運 royal road 容易取得成功的捷徑 rubber check 空頭支票 rubber stamp 人云亦云的人 run across 偶然碰見 run down 撞倒;詆毀;破舊的 run into 突然碰到某人 run of the town 轟動一時的人 run out of sth 用完 run sb out of the town 把某人逐出市外 run up against 遇到 run wild 到處跑 sad dog 放蕩的人;易闖禍的人 sad news 餐廳的帳單 sail under false colors 挂羊頭賣狗肉;冒充 salt of the earth(world) 社會中堅 same old stuff 陳舊貨色 save lots of grief 省掉許多麻煩 save one's breath 節省口舌 save the day 反敗爲勝;挽救了大局 save up 儲蓄 say it with flowers 笑容可掬,細生細氣 Say no more. 別再說了. Says you! 你是胡扯! scare the devil out of sb 嚇得魂不附體 scratch sb a note 寫封信給某人 screw-ball 有怪僻的人 Search me. 我不知道. second sight 超人的預見力 secret sorrow 難言之隱 see after 照顧 see eye to eye 我們意見相同. see it through 使某事順利通過 see my point 瞭解;明白 see off 送行 see to it 留心、細緻地辦好某事 See you around. 再見. sell like hot cakes 銷售得很快 sell sb down the river 出賣某人 send in 提出;交出 serve sb right 活該 service station 加油站 set about 考慮;留意 set back 拖延 set forth 說明 set my heart on 對...傾心 set the world on fire 震驚天下 settle down 安定 seventh heaven 極樂世界 shake a leg 跳舞;趕快 shake and make up 言歸於好 Shame on you! 你真丟臉! She's a smart dresser. 她是一個注重服飾的人. She's been two-timing me. 她背著我和其他男人約會. She's got it! 她迷倒了許多人. She's not the only fish in the sea. 她並不是世界上唯一的女人. shed of 領先 shedding crocodile tears 貓哭老鼠 shit of luck 倒楣 shoe is on the other foot 今日不同往昔 show off 炫耀 show sb the ropes 傳授秘訣 show sb the(back) door 下逐客令 show up 露面;出現;突出 sick of, be 討厭 side money 外快 side-kick 莫逆之交 sign up for 報名參加 sink in the scale 降低 sitting pretty 過著舒服的生活 sixes and sevens 亂七八糟 sixth sense 第六感 size up 打量 sleep in this morning 睡個懶覺 slip one's memory 一時忘記 slow-poke 行動遲緩的人 slowly but surely 穩紮穩打 small potato 小人物 smoke like a chimney 煙鬼 smoke O.P.B 吸別人的煙 snake in the grass 隱藏的危險 snap out of it 突然改變情緒;振作起來 Snowed. (學生)被一個問題弄糊塗. so that's it 原來如此 So what? 那又怎麽樣? soft-soap 諂媚 somehow or other 莫名其妙地 sore spot 傷心事,舊瘡疤 Sorry to have kept you waiting. 抱歉,讓您久等了. sounds just like 看樣子就象 speak of the devil 說曹操曹操到 speak the same language 志同道合 spell out sth 講清楚 spill the beans 露馬腳 spoil the show 演雜了 sports bums 吃閒飯的球員 square deal 公平交易 stab-in-the-back business 暗箭傷人 stand a change 有機會嬴 stand on one's own feet 獨立自主 stand one up 失約而使人白等 stand one's ground 一步也不退讓 stand sb up 讓某人空等一場 stand up for sth 支援;擁護 standing ovation 站起來熱烈鼓掌 stay away from 滾開 stay out O.P.B (other people's business) 不要管別人的閒事 stay up late 熬夜 steamed up 怒火中燒 step on one's toes 觸怒某人 step out 出外約會;暫時離開工作 sth must be done 非馬上採取點行動 sth tells me 我好象感覺 stick around 在附近等著 stick your nose into 讓你忙著 stick-up 搶劫 stomach's growling 肚子咕嚕咕嚕地響 stop by 過來一會 stop pulling my leg 不要開玩笑了 storm in a teacup 大驚小怪 straight from the horse's mouth 據可靠消息 strike out 刪去;想出 string sb along 常常戲弄某人 stuffed shirt 自命不凡的討厭鬼 sugar daddy 老色狼 sugar report 情書 suit one's taste 合某人的胃口 Sunday dress 最好的衣服 swelled head 驕傲自大 switch off 關掉 swith majors 轉系 take a back seat 處於默默無聞的地位 take a break 休息一下 take a good look at 仔細看 take a hand in 插手某事 take a look 瞧一瞧 take a rain check 改天吧. take advantage of 欺負;佔便宜 take care of sb later 遲些對付你 take down 記下 take for 誤認爲 take for granted 想當然 take French leave 不辭而別 take in a movie 看一場電影 take it easy 放鬆;別緊張 Take it easy. 不要緊張 Take it or leave it. 別討價還價 take it out to sb 拿別人出氣 take no for an answer 不許回答“不”字 take notes in outline form 記大綱式的筆記 take offense 生氣 take one's hat off to 表示尊敬佩服 take one's time doing sth 從容不迫;不慌不忙做某事 take orders from 聽命於 take sb for a ride 綁架某人 take sth for granted 視爲當然 take sth up 重提某事 take sth upon oneself 承擔一切責任 take the lead in sth 在某方面領先 take the load off one's feet 坐下休息 take the words out of one's mouth 說出心裏話 take things as they come 既來之則安之 take to 養成喜好;專心於 take to one's heels 溜之大吉 take up 開始;繼續;吸收 Take your time. 慢慢來. take your word for it 相信你的話 talk big 講大話 talk of the town 非常流行的東西 talk one into 說服 talk one's head off 說得天花亂墜 talk sb into sth 說服某人做某事 talk sb out of sth 說服某人不要做某事 talk sense 講得合情合理 talk through one's hat 說話瞎扯不負責任 talk through one's neck 說話瞎扯不負責任 talk through one's nose 驕傲自大 tall story 難以置信的故事 teach sb a lesson 教訓某人 team up with sb 和某人分爲一組 tear down 拆毀 ten bucks 十美元 That dame! 那個女人! That depends. 那要看情況. That has a familiar ring. 那話聽起來很熟悉. that I can't say 這個我不敢肯定 That is so! 是這樣嗎? That makes two of us. 英雄所見略同 that settles that 已經安排了,那就算了 That should be fun. 那一定會好玩. That sounds better. 這樣說才是. That what you say. 這是你說的.(表懷疑) That won't answer. 這解決不了問題 That's a good one. 無稽之談 That's a promise I'll hold you to. 是你許下的諾言,我會叫你兌現 That's a trade secret. 這是生意人的秘密. That's great. 好極了 That's it. 就這樣 That's more like it. 這才像話. That's more than I can say. 一言難盡 That's my... you're making cracks about. 那是我...,請別拿他開玩笑. That's nothing. 不要緊;小意思 That's right down my alley. 那是我最拿手的. That's runs my electric bill up. 使電費增加. That's something. 真是了不起. That's the boy. 好小子(讚美). That's the spirit. 真有道理. That's the way it is. 事情就是這樣的. That's the way it with us. 我們就是這樣. That's the whole damned trouble. 這就是所有的麻煩. That's what I came for. 我就是爲這個來的. That's what I'm here for. 這是我應該做的. That's what you think. 只有你自己這麽想吧. That's your funeral. 此乃閣下之事. thaw out 融化 the big time 了不起的事;夢想 the crack of down 破曉 the dead of winter 嚴冬 the devil in her eye 她眼神具有魅力 The die is cast. 一切已成定局. the God's truth 說真的 the hustle and bustle 喧囂氣氛 the line is busy 通話中;占線 The price isn't bad. 不貴. The whole world knows it. 全世界都知道. There goes your phone. 你有電話. There is nothing to it. 太容易了 There you are. 這是你要的. There you go again. 你又來這一套了. There's nothing I can do. 愛莫能助 There's nothing wrong with me. 我精神很好. They will be very put out. 他們會很生氣. They're a drag. 那多討厭,煩死了. Think nothing of it. 不要放在心上. This is a small something for you. 小小禮物,不成敬意 This is serious. 我是當真的. This will be my treat. 這頓飯我請客. thorn in one's side. 眼中釘肉中刺 thousand and one way 許多辦法 three sheets in the wind 酒醉 threw a party 舉行一個宴會 thrilled with, be 深受感動;非常高興 throw cold water on 潑冷水 throw the bull 胡言亂語 tie the knot 結婚 till the cows come home 很久 Times have changed. 時代不同了. to a T 恰好地 to and fro 到處 to doctor it up with 用...作料拌起來 to one's face 當面 to the best of my knowledge 據我所知 Today just isn't my day. 今天運氣不佳. Tom, Dick and Harry 一般的人;普通的人 too much for sb 使某人承受不了 trade in 以舊換新 treat sb 請客,招待某人 turn a blind eye 故意視而不見 turn a girl's head 把她說得太好;使她以爲了不起 turn against sb 與某人做對 turn down 放低(音量);否決(提案) turn in 交還;交出;就寢 turn one's back on sb 拒絕幫助別人 turn one's back to sb 不理睬某人 turn sb loose 放鬆;放任 turn tail 逃跑 turn the tables 扭轉局勢 turn turtle (烏龜、汽車)四腳朝天 twist another around one's little finger 玩弄於股掌之上 Two heads are better than one. 一人計短,二人計長 under the sun 世界上任何地方 under the table 台底交易 under the weather 身體不適 under warranty, be 在保修期內 under way (under weight) 事情在進展之中 up and about 身體復員,可下地走動 up to 輪到某人 up to one's ears, be 沈迷;熱中 up to one's neck, be 太忙於做某事 up to sth, be 對某事稱職 use one's name as a reference 讓某人推薦 very light in weight 很輕 very much appreciated, be 很感激 visit John 上廁所 wage a war on sth 對某事發動一場戰爭 walk sb home 陪某人回家 walkie-talkie 手提對講機;搬弄是非的人 walking dictionary 知識淵博的人 Walls have ears. 隔牆有耳 wash one's dirty linen in public 公開談論陰私. wash out 精疲力竭,臉色蒼白 watch one's step. 謹慎從事 watch the budget 小心預算 watch with hard eye 用注視的目光看人 Watch your step. 小心走路. We just make it. 我們剛好趕上. We rap well together. 我們很合得來. We'll in for the night by then. 到晚上那時,我們一定已經回去了. We'll see later. 以後再說. We're not pressed for time. 我們並不趕時間. wear sth inside out 把衣服穿反了 wee hours 淩晨 welcome to the party! 現在你總算懂了! well in advancce 老早 Well, I never! 真想不到 What a mess! 好亂啊! What a pleasant surprise! 真想不到的好事 What a thing to say! 這是什麽話! What are we waiting for? 我們還在等什麽? What are you getting at? 你的意思如何? What are you going to sell? 你這是什麽意思? What are you smoking? 你這是什麽意思? What are you up to do? 你的意思如何? What can you do about it? 你有何辦法?看你怎樣? What do you figure? 你的意思如何? What do you give? 你有何高見? What do you say? 你的意思如何? What held you up? 你爲什麽遲到? What to call it? 這叫什麽? What were you up to? 你幹什麽去了? What's come over you? 你怎麽啦? What's cooking? 發生了什麽事? What's going on? 發生了什麽事? What's it to you? 這和你有什麽關係? What's on the schedule? 有什麽計劃? What's on your mind? 有什麽事嗎? What's the big idea? 你這是什麽意思? What's the catch? 你這是什麽意思? What's the good word? 你有什麽好消息? what's the matter 到底怎麽樣 What's under your cat? 你這是什麽意思? What's up? 發生了什麽事? what's up? 什麽事? What's your pleasure, Treasure? 你喜好什麽吃的,富翁(婆)? What's your pleasure? 你喜歡什麽? whatever made you... 你爲什麽...? whatever you say. 隨你的便. when in Rome do as the Romans do 入鄉隨俗 when the doors open 一開場就進入;太準時 When there is life, there is hope. 活著,就有希望. When's the big day? 哪天辦喜事? Where are you heading? 你上哪去? white lie 善意的謊言 Who are all the characters? 那些人是誰? who said so 誰說的? Who's calling, please? 請問您是哪位? Who's the lucky guy? 誰是新郎? Why not tell it to the Horse Marines? 你以爲有人會相信你這一套嗎? wind up 結束,結果 window shoping 只看不買地逛商場 wise up 知道 with a long face 拉長臉 with flying colors 成功地 with open arms 熱烈歡迎 within an ace of 幾乎;差一點 without fail 一定 woman of the world 精通事故的女人 won't be long 不會太久的 Wonders never cease! 奇怪的事永遠不斷發生! words fail me 說不出話來 work a tight schedule 時間很緊迫 work away 連續工作 work like a Trojan 工作勤奮 work out 計劃;想出 Would there be room enough for me? 有沒有空位讓我坐? Would you like to order now? 現在要點菜了嗎? Wouldn't she be nice to come home to? 和她生活在一起,不是很好嗎? wouldn't work for me 不適合我 yes-man 唯唯諾諾的人 You are a dead duck. 你完了. You are a thoughtful person. 你真周到 You are all wet. 你完全錯了. You are just being polite. 你真會說話. You are killing me. 真是笑死我了. You are your father's son. 你長得很象你父親. You ask for it. 你自找苦吃. you bet 的確 You bet! 當然啦 You can say it again. 我同意你的說法. You can set your watch by him. 他總是很準時. You can't beat it. 無人匹敵的 You can't keep a good man down. 好人自有出頭之日. You don't know half of it. 你知道什麽! You don't say so. 是真的嗎? You get me there. 你把我難住了. You get no say. 你無權說話. You got me there. 你難住我了,這個我不清楚 You got the picture. 你瞭解了. You have a point there. 你的見解很對. you have outstanding 款還沒付清 You know something? 讓我告訴你一件事. You leave me in the cold. 你太令我掃興了. You let me down. 你太讓我失望了. You look upset. 你好象情緒不好. You look wonderful. 你氣色很好. You mean to say... 你的意思是說... You said a mouthful. 你說得夠多的了. You said it. 我同意你的說法. You see what I mean? 你明白我的意思了嗎? You should be smart enough. 你應該聰明一點. You stay out of this. 不要插手這件事. You're all mixed up. 你全搞混了. You're confusing your days. 你把日子弄混了. You're putting me on. 你在和我開玩笑. You're ribbing me. 你開我玩笑. You're thoughtful. 你想得真周到. You're way ahead of me. 你講得那麽快,我還沒聽清呢. Your timing is just right. 你來得正好